Situations That Can be Solved Through Legal Action at The Work Place

We spend most of our time working and it is therefore important to ensure that we do not experience any form of pain & suffering as we do so. But the work place may lead to a lot of agony for employees. The good news is, the labour department can help you in mitigating possible negative effects as a result of actions of your senior personnel or your fellow workers. Which situation can you solve through taking legal action?

DiscriminationDiscriminatory promotions
Sometimes, the most deserving employee may not be promoted. The chance may be given to someone either because of their origin, race, religious beliefs, gender and many more factors. This is discrimination and the law provides against any form of discrimination at the work place. Such a situation may result in pain
and suffering for the person who was meant to be promoted.

Sometimes, employers may terminate the employment of some of their employees without due cause or without following the set procedures. All employees require sufficient explanations as to why their employment is being terminated. They can therefore take the organisation to court either to be reinstated or to be compensated for the loss of the income generating opportunity.

Some institutions do not care about the welfare of their employees. In such situations, some things such as sexual harassment may be rampant in addition to other crimes. The organisation may not even have policies to deal with situations when it occurs. In such a case, as an employee, you can seek reprieve from the the justice system.

Uncompetitive salaries
Sometimes, a company may not consider the external environment in setting their salaries. This may result in salaries that are not competitive for all their employees. The employees may try to change this through the labour offices but if this does not work, the court would be happy to help. Although a legal case does not guarantee that the employees will get better salaries.

In other cases, industrial companies that should provide protective gear for their employees should be sued if they are not providing all the necessary gear for their employees. Other disputes revolving accidents at the work place can also be solved through the legal system.